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Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome Freshmen!

Hi Society! Let me introduce myself as little S.,(fashion) tip-advisor when my friends beg for help, med student starting a month before my exams, shopaholic when my parents' money allow me and a unique girl (like every girl on Earth!).
My total idol is the character on Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf because for me she is such a strong young girl with high aspirations and a definitive fashion trend setter! She's got style and personality and she really knows how to handle every little problem that comes out in her way; so even though she's a little bitchy at times... I so wanna be like her, GOSH!
Unlike my idol, I am not the kind of girl who will start my own fashion blog because I do not have the time or the knowledge, but I am the kind of girl who would start out a blog juts to get to express everything I feel that I never get to talk out loud.
Right now I am struggling not to think about how akward relationships turn out to be and how they cant turn your world around in like...10 minutes or less (10 sentences would probably make it!). Anyway, lets face it I can't stop thinking about that sticky little word: love, and how that tiny wold gets two people into a fabulous and lovelyfairytale/horribly arcaic torture called relatioship; but we also have to think about the huge chances of them becoming a terrible disappointment. Let's say that we have 10 important realtionships in our life and we are lucky enough to marry the right guy and have a beautiful life lasting love, only the 10% of our relationships will ever work out (and that number decreases as we increase the number of relationships). Lets face it, love is maths and we are a negative number!
But do not get depressed girls, that's just my vision, for now...
I guess I am starting out this blog to get some fresh air, clean up my life a little and open myself up. When your heart is broken you need time to gather up all the pieces and put them back together and in fact, my romatic side makes it even harder; so I am starting out this blog as a project to help my focus on what I like again.
Welcome to my little world,
love, S.

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  1. holaaaa guapa, gracias por comentar mi blog!!
    a mi tb me encanta gossip girl!!te sigo yo tb!


Thanks so much for your time lovelies :) I'll write back as soon as I can I promise!